Young Conker (Microsoft HoloLens)

Young Conker is a upcoming game for Microsoft's HoloLens. The game will come with each Develoment Edition of the Microsoft HoloLens. It's a platformer where Conker runs around and interacts with the player's enviroment. Depending on the enviroment the HoloLens is in, Young Conker will turn that area into the game's level.

The game will be adapting to players´ enviroments. The shape of the room changes the tactical approach to the game. For example, Conker could end up running a wall to get additional coins or go after an enemy, if there's no room space for him.

More information to be posted on this page as more content is being leaked online.


There has been much controversy and backlash regarding Conker's redesign in this game. I'm not usually much of a critic, and critiques doesn't really belong in the Conkerpedia section of this site, but I've been on the haters' side when it comes to Conker's looks in Young Conker. The guys who made his model render certainly hadn't played any of the prior games in the Conker Series, and it seems to really show that Microsoft has no real interest in the IP.

The reason behind the redesign of Conker is not very clear, but based on speculations online seems to imply it was to take Conker back to his younger days, prior to the events of the original Bad Fur Day. Like everyone else though, I think this is nothing more but an attempt at a cash-in. They should have stuck to his design from the original Bad Fur Day, it would've had made the many of us feel a little more convinced about getting the HoloLens. But they didn't.. they messed up a perfectly capable squirrel by making his head look more stupid, and making him all skinny. Conker hardly even LOOKS like a squirrel anymore!

It should be noted though that the Development Edition of the Microsoft HoloLens(which is likely the one edition where this ridicolous-looking model of Conker is to be included with) is not meant to be available to regular consumers, and only to developers. Still, shall MS decide to release the HoloLens across the world, We'd better hope that they reconsider changing his design back, otherwise most Conker fans WILL be turned off.

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