Old site updates for anyone to have a look at. The older the updates, the further down they are, while newer updates are... well, further up. There will be a possibility that older entries in here might at some point get deleted, mostly to prevent this page from becoming too big or too cluttered.

Updates of 2015:

August 15 2015 18:54

Deleting more things from the site. I even removed the link to Berri's Place just to be on the safe side.

August 15 2015 13:11

At the request of MissNatzooie, I have now taken down all of her fan art, some old interviews of hers, and information about some of her fan characters that she now finds embarrassing, and I can't blame her for that.

I will also be deleting anything else that she might not want on this site anymore. Even if the background of the site has to be let go, then I'll be changing it as well.

August 13 2015 15:21

Page to ConkaNat/MissNatzooie's YT videos removed, since it appears she has decided to delete the videos from her channel. I'll bring it back as soon as she uploads any new videos.

July 29 2015 21:49

Alright, so Conker's Homeland has turned three years today! But where's the stuff that I was supposed to add a few weeks back?? As it turns out, I haven't had time to focus on adding new content to the site.

Real life is getting more ripe in the air for me now, and who knows what effect this will have on my available time for this site. On top of that, a couple days back I went to visit an old classmate-friend of mine, so my mind is still a bit exhausted atm.

I will look into pushing a much bigger update next month, and hopefully I'll get the remaining stuff uploaded.

July 17 2015 18:59

Ported the Player codes over to the NTSC Version. Will also begin to port the other codes soon.

There will be more stuff on the way soon, so keep your fingers or tails crossed! Sorry for not updating in a while, but I will try to make up for it now.

May 30 2015 22:06

I really should get back to update this website more often. Last week I was ill and couldn't get myself to update things around here, but fairly soon now I will be in a little better shape so hopefully I can do some more active maintenance for the site.

Anyway, what has been added or changed? well, I added the last few unused things to the Twelve Tales Leftovers page, and also removed yet another unneccessary thing in Berri's Place, because I didn't find it as good now as I did three years ago.

May 20 2015 20:06

Almost towards the end of my birthday, and what is there to be said/shown in todays update? First of all, and this is quite special; Just as when I and everybody else had thought we have had seen all the leftovers from Twelve Tales, just about 4 days ago a whole bunch of unused leftover sprites from Twelve Tales has been discovered in the ROM of the final Bad Fur Day, and they are now listed in the Twelve Tales section of this website!! These nice little graphics do make a really nice birthday gift to me as well, and only that is enough to make my birthday more special!

What else? Well, an interview with the Bartender of Cock and Plucker has now been posted on the Character Interviews page, a video of Episode 1 of Conker's Big Reunion, and also a few CBFD videos from me, ConkerGuru.

April 23 2015 13:50

Twenty days since last update. So, what is new? Well, some missing fanart are now up. Some of it may still need to be uploaded, but I'll get to that later on. Reason that I just didn't upload the fanart without mention is that I fell behind with my site update schedules, so I thought it would be better to let it be known.

The biggest thing of mention today, however, is that the first episode of Conker's Big Union has been released today! Article below, and some more videos of it(I'll be surprised to see what else Conker content users will be able to make.):

April 3 2015 10:42

Just to share a bit of an update regarding the process of things being brought up more to date; I've got some of the ripped images replaced with ones at a proper resolution and size, and I might eventually also get started on that other stuff.

I know that I've hinted at the possibility of the Sounds page finally coming up soon, and... I'm sorry to say this, but... I don't think it will be up this time either. That idea's been like, abandoned, forever, never to be seen...

Naaw, I'm just kidding. The Sounds page IS finally online (Right over here), and on the same date as when I first created this website!! It has taken me a few years to really get this thing online, but I finally made it through. The whole vocal track has been put up, as well as a few... strange snippets of glitched music.(by strange, I mean really strange). There will be more sound stuff on the way, so better stay alert, your most favorite tune from Conker could very well appear.

As for the reason it has been taking me so long to get it all up, it is 1: My previous host didn't allow website owners to upload any kind of sound files, and 2: I've been concerned about some company(Microsoft, anyone?) taking notice of me having the entire vocal track on my site. I finally decided to do it anyway, since I think they would hardly ever bother with this site. They can buzz off with their stupid false claims about... I don't know.. stupid stuff. I claim NO ownership of the original material in ANY way, so... why the need to bother with it?

Besides this, I've been thinking about the forums, and... I better do something about it now. First thing to do would be to advertise it in a better way, and second thing; to possibly look for new moderators, as it is just me and ConkaNat(MissNatzooie) being the only ones over there now. Anyway, I'll try getting it figured out.

Also, I've been noticing about a episodic adventure with Conker coming up in Project Spark, that will be acting as a sequel(It's not a true sequel, more like an continuation or spinoff of some sort). It is called Conker's Big Reunion. Just thought I'd post a video of it here:

The article detailing the whole thing can be found here.

Even if I'm confident in that even this won't beat the original Conker, I'm still quite interested in finding out more about this soon. Maybe it will be about as good as the original game, who knows? We will find out in April 23 when the first episode will be released.

March 26 2015 16:20

Just getting started with updating and rewriting some stuff on this website. Will probably take some time before all that's done, but hopefully not for too long.

And see, I made another update in the same month. I certainly have not forgot about Conker's Homeland, if any of you were a bit worried about that. And beginning from this month, and in april, and onward, I will be restructuring my site-update routines considerably, which means that I will update stuff on the site, probably without any sorts of mention in the updates part of the main page. The reason is, it has gone a pretty long time now without any real updates(and I really mean BIG ones), and I'm in a matter of time going to hit the world outside of internet(and computers in general), so to make sure this site is updated regularly, this change needs to be put into full effect.

I've done that in the past before, but that was mostly for minor things like errors, slight mistakes, and so on. My previous way of updating the site(including some very minor and oftentimes silly things) became quite limiting for me, and I often felt bad for not being able to update stuff on the site as often as I did back when this site got online. Hopefully, this change maybe could put everything back on track again, with almost daily/weekly/monthly changes or additions(with the possibility that there won't be any mentions of them in updates). Just don't expect every update to be all daily just because I'm changing up my usual site-update routines, as it depends on when any new stuffs might be popping up.

Anyway, that's probably all there is to this update. But I hope that in this year stuff on the site will be brought more up to date.(no rhyming intended)

March 17 2015 15:41

Looks like I have been gone for longer than I should, right? So much has been going on in life that I just haven't had time to sit down and make a single update to the website.

Since last month, I have been thinking more about trying to get my life back into full swing, but certain things have hindered me from doing just that. Don't want to talk about these things, as I think it would only waste all the visitors' time if I did decide to talk about them. I also don't really feel like it.

While I don't know if whether people still visit this website, I will from now on get myself back to update and add new content to the site, even if I'm still in the midst of waiting to have my computer clean-installed again. I might as well update some descriptions on the site and restructure some stuff, as some of the info is starting to get old, and there's probably new Conker discoveries and such being made all the time. The page that I think definitely needs a facelift is the ECTS proto page. I also need to re-rip some of the unused graphics and images in the Hidden Things section, as some of them are at the wrong size and resolution.

I've also been thinking thoroughly about that Sounds page that I promised to get up since this website's very beginning, and I think that just putting all the links to them in there seems kind of stupid. I need to find a better method to make them accessible to everyone in a more pleasant way. That will take a while, but I'll figure it out.

And that's probably not a wrap, but if I'll ever be able to keep it up at a quick enough rate, you guys may get to finally see some major site updates this year! Ah well, live in hope. But I'll make myself sure to NOT forget it this time.

Updates of 2014:

November 29 2014 12:08

Removed the link to GSCentral from the Links section, as the site has since been sort of taken down. Well, more like stuff still needing to be re-added again, but not much has since happened with it. The new forum also is pretty much doomed to remain a popular place for spambots, so I choose to remove the site.

Not much has been going on in regards to actual content or updates lately, I know. Despite the fact that I'm now trying to get myself focusing more on RL stuff, I will see if I can make a update or two next month. No need to fear, this site ain't dead(yet), just haven't had time to focus on CH. Promise that next month and the year 2015 will turn out more active.

October 16 2014 13:32

Yet more pictures added to ConkaNat/MissNatzooie's fanart. Also finally got myself into fixing up all the pages, so the site icon should now be seen.

I'll try to find time for making more site updates from this month on. Been having mostly offline responsibilities for some time now, so I'm afraid it will be awhile again before I can get back to updating the website.

September 2 2014 14:08

Added more drawings to ConkaNat's fanarts page. I'm terribly sorry for having taken very long with getting them up, but sometimes you'll end up forgetting things along the way.

August 9 2014 22:27

Fixed a long-lasting error in the first interview of the Ysha-interviews page. HOW in the hell could I not notice that before uploading the page to the site??

July 29 2014 19:42

Today is the 2nd anniversary of Conker's Homeland, and with that here is a video showing yet more unused cutscenes in Bad Fur Day:

There has also been a update to the GS codes section of the website, with new codes and hacks, including the widescreen hack that I talked about a couple updates back. To those interested, go ahead and try them out.

July 26 2014 20:44

Fixing up the pages on the site, as I only now noticed in the HTML code that I didn't change the address for the favicon for all the pages, and as such they still point to it's old location. Should get it all fixed soon.

July 26 2014 13:13

Every single video in the Videos section has been sorted into their own pages, so now it should be a bit easier to find this or that type of clip, like trailers, gameplay videos and such.

July 26 2014 10:32

The Videos page is now undergoing a bit of reorganisation. Most videos have been sorted into their own pages, and the links for going from page to page has been changed into images, to add a bit of style to it. I hope to get all the videos sorted soon in a matter of hours.

Also, the number of videos per page has been reduced again, from 30 to 20, to prevent excessive RAM usage upon page load(mostly so the page doesn't take too long to load.).

July 20 2014 09:53

Almost a month without any updates? Well, I'm not going to ramble on about that, what I wanted to say is; Bad Fur Day can now be played in widescreen mode!! A simple hack makes it possible. There is still a number of inaccuracies present atm, but it works. Watch the video below to see it for yourselves.

Btw, I'm the guy who did this hack. It is to be used mainly for TVs of the widescreen sort variety. Codes below for both versions(I'm going to put them in the GS Codes page eventually):

FINAL(PAL): Widescreen Hack V1
81096CB0 3CAE
81099160 3C2E
FINAL(NTSC): Widescreen Hack V1
81096900 3CAE
81098DB0 3C2E

It won't do the magic completely on it's own though. To make the screen appear like as shown in the above video, make sure to set the aspect ratio on your TV to 16:9. Alternatively, it can also be used with emulators(which is what I used to make the video).

Anyway, I've been a bit slow with updating stuff on this site. I tried to find time for it earlier, but I came to forget. Will see if I can make a update this month or in august.

June 21 2014 21:45

Been fairly quiet in here, hasn't it? I apologise deeply for that, I've had some other stuff to take care off, so my time for any site updates has been rather small.

Anyway, as some may have heard, Conker is now a downloadable character in Project Spark!(Conker himself appears at the end of the video chopping the logo), where you can make a game of your own(how much freedom there is to it I've yet to know myself), so in a sense you will be able to make your OWN Conker game. Downloads for other Conker characters will be eventually made available for use. We'll better keep on staying tuned for more information soon!

Oh, and one last thing; I will be completely redoing the Videos section soon, since I've noticed how much of a mess it appears to be like now. (how soon depends on when I'll update the site again, as I won't be doing any frequent updates like I did earlier, seeing as I will start preparing myself for the world outside of the net, and maybe put some focus on my mental health)

That is all for now. I'll promise to get any new conker fanart up on the site eventually(including some new Conker Hackshots that I made months back, but never bothered with getting up on here). Just gotta need the time I can get.

May 10 2014 11:46

A slight change to an entry in the Unused Textures section.

May 03 2014 20:55

New codes added to the Misc. Codes(PAL version) page of the GS Codes section.

May 02 2014 21:18

An interview with the weasel professor has been added to the Character Interviews page.

May 01 2014 22:12

It seems the new version of Conker's Homeland are done by now. Certain sections of the site has either been removed, merged with others, or moved to others, as part of the redesign process. As you all can see the sidebar now stays in the window, and the search feature that I hinted about are of course present. While I don't know of every possible search words or phrases I tried to include the common ones(like "Conker", "Berri", and such) in the search engine.

I'll brand this site the V4.2 version number, as there has been a couple changes and code cleanup made to the pages. This also saw the removal of the Backups page, as I feel I can no longer maintain it, especially if CSS are considered to be used more extensively for this site one day. Other reasons for removing it is I want to focus more on bringing new content to the website, and many of you probably didn't check out that page anyways. You can still check out how the site has evolved over the years by going to the About page, even if it isn't as convincing as the Backups feature were.

The page with the Character Interviews has been split and put into sections dedicated to the characters being interviewed, as the original Interviews page started to grow too big. Other differences and so on I leave up to you guys to find out. Conker's Homeland has also moved to a more stable server, so update your bookmarks, as the original url to the website will eventually be taken down. Conker's Homeland has now been merged with my personal website, World of Dumb Crows, as a result of the move now finally having taken effect. If any broken links pop up, I'll be sure to fix them when I spot them. Anyways, enjoy the new style(and the new search engine feature) of the website!

NOTE: Because the site is now under a different address, it will take some time for Google to cache all the information on this site. In the meantime, you'll have to browse each section like usual.

Apr 22 2014 12:43

Another minor update, and presenting; V4.1/V5 of Conker's Homeland:

The sidebar stays in the browser window as well:

And whatmore, a search bar has been added to the sidebar, incase site visitors don't wanna browse through each section to find what they're looking for. This version of the website also marks the abandoning of the Comic Sans MS font in favor for a (hopefully) more browsers-standard one, and the text will be mostly white. It isn't all ready yet; there's still alot of sections to re-organise, remove, merge, and so on, but I think it'll work out whenever I get all pages redone.

Apr 20 2014 21:12

Just thought about sharing a bit of insight over the site's redesign process:

I'm intending on keeping the site layout as simple as possible, and possibly even replace and/or merge together certain sections of the website, as some of them look to be redundant to me these days. The main site logo will be considerably smaller in size, and placed within the main contents frame. The buttons to the left of the page will now only have a green outline, looking somewhat more similar to the options graphics from CBFD. This design are still likely not final, and some things may be subject to change.

Apr 16 2014 12:37

Over 2 months since last update, that CAN'T be good! So, what is there to this apology of an update you ask? Well, I finally added some drawings to viki12rocks' fanarts page. A bit overdue, I know. Anyhow, I've been having a lot of stuff under my belt for a while now, and recently I've gotten sick(coughing, sore throat, nose dripping... you know the deal!), so that also hinders me a little from trying to get back to what I should be doing; maintaining this website in the best way possible. But I won't be wasting your time talking about that all day. What I'm really going to tell you is, that I'll be making a complete revamp of the site this year. I really need to update it to current standards, and reorganize almost everything on the site. I will also try implementing a search function into the new version of the website, so visitors can in a quicker manner find what they're looking for. And the sidebar will stay in view no matter how far down the page has been scrolled. All these changes(and more that won't be revealed at the moment.) will bring it up to V5(or lower, depending on how drastic the changes are going to be). Will be a bit of tough work, but I'll update you guys on the site redesign process after I've made it look good enough.

Feb 16 2014 12:11

Apologies if I kind of forgot this site for a while(again). I've been a bit busy with my own things lately, so I sorta pushed C.H aside. Anyway, what's new? Well, fan arts that should have been up several weeks back are now in their respective pages: ConkaNat, and viki12rocks. I also changed Cherri's profile picture in Conker Bio(this also affects any of her pics in the Interviews page, to take this change into account). And yes, I'm aware I haven't yet got this site moved over to a new place, but it sure is friggin' hard to find the perfect hosting provider. I won't give up though, I have to do it at some point.

Jan 24 2014 22:01

It has certainly been awhile since the last update. But that's the least important thing, the more important thing is; I've been thinking back on when I first started up the Conker forums, and... well, let's start with the good stuff first; it was one of the most active places during it's time, and users posted quite often. Now, the bad stuff; in recent times activity had stalled, and many of the former members came to stop posting, and eventually forgot about it. I did whatever I could to revive the forums, but I had things of my own to think about doing, and... well, in the end it has been literally dead. Nobody posts there anymore, including myself, so I don't see the point with continuing to run a forum that has come to be inactive. I also didn't have the time for it in the end, so that probably were another reason why it just stopped like this. I'm thinking about starting up a new forum, but not centering Conker as the main focus of discussion. I might move the posts of the old forum over to the new one, if possible. I'm not sure about this yet though, so I will probably need to think it through first before I decide. Besides that though, the time for redesigning this site might come again this year. It'll probably be mainly the removal/merging of a few pages, and redoing the site design a little, in hopes to make things and pages easier to maintain and update. I will make an update in the case that day comes.

Jan 08 2014 21:16

New fanart up in the Fanarts page(ConkaNat and viki12rocks, respectively), and a couple new textures in Unused Textures!

Jan 05 2014 20:00

Yikes! Looks like I forgot to make a update for a few weeks. I have done some updates to a few documents in the GS-Codes page though. I yet haven't managed to get a new place for my site, but I WILL get to it... at least I hope so. A few weeks back I started to write on my own Conker story. I didn't get too far with it, and looking at it now, I don't think I will continue on it. About the same thing happened with two other Conker stories of mine. I just can't seem to bother myself into finishing them. Anyway, I will be adding more pics to the fanart page in a matter of hours, or days.. It depends. After that we'll see what comes next.

Updates of 2013:

Dec 22 2013 12:18

6 new clips in the Videos section of the site.

Dec 21 2013 11:42

Have been forgetting to make a update for weeks. Anyway, what's new? Well, there's a new interview to check out, as well as more fanarts(ConkerGuru and ConkaNat). Anyway, I've been thinking about it, and I guess I better send my message to the Kontek staff. It is really time to get a new server for my site, so I can get to make the changes and updates needed. We'll see if they respond or not. Also, it is soon to be christmas, so the background of the site has been changed to reflect this. I hope you all Conker fans(those of you who remain) have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New 2014! Here's a Christmas pic below for you all who celebrates this event:

Merry Conker Xmas!!

Dec 08 2013 14:24:

More fanart in the following pages: ConkaNat, viki12rocks, and yoshiyoshi700!