Textures that hasn't ever been seen normally in CBFD? Yep, you got me there mate. Character specific textures are listed by character name, making it easier to tell which set belongs to which character. (note; the textures were upside down after I ripped them. Don't know if this is how the game ROM stores them, but I corrected them for better viewing.)

An rather possessed-looking version of Conker's normal iris-image for his eyes. Conker has two expressions (likewise unused) where the texture gets used. Other than that, it's impossible to see this one alone without hacking. Aside from serving no other purpose than an in-joke by the developers, it isn't really known what this would've otherwise been used for.

Seems to be some texture for showing when Conker is... I don't know, pissed off?? Is not being used at all by the Conker model either.

Perhaps one of the oldest Conker textures remaining in the ROM. The fifth Conker model(you know, the most creepiest-looking one) uses this as a static texture for representing Conker's face, while the other models don't use it. It is normally not seen anyway, as Conker(model no.5) would be too far away from the camera in certain cases(like falling), making this EXTREMELY hard to see.

Berri/Neo Berri:
berri_angryface_unused berri_surpriseface_unused
Two faces of Berri showing expressions not normally seen on her. They actually belong to Poppet the little girl from the experiment, but her model seems to share some of Berri's textures, which I say is a bit weird, as she should be having her own copies. Still, both Berri models aren't using them, so I think they actually count. (plus, they can be seen on her face by hacking the game) Perhaps being in share to save cartridge space?

The Textures for the Unused ! Barrel. The bottom texture of it cannot be seen because the bottom of the barrel isn't modelled out.

CBFD_Joke_Sock1.png CBFD_Joke_Sock2.png
Basically textures of socks with funny faces. Very likely a joke by the developers.

CBFD_TwelveTales1.png CBFD_TwelveTales2.png
These textures look too vibrant in color to be ued in Bad Fur Day. Are likely leftover textures from Twelve Tales. The 2nd texture look like a texture for a sort of door, while the 1st one might be a wall texture or something.

Texture for a fence. This fence can be seen in the 30-minute video of Twelve Tales.

A nose texture for some kind of animal. I first believed it was for K.O the Cat, a boss seen in early Twelve Tales footage. But that possibility seems unlikely.