Unused Multiplayer setup options? Yep, you name it. There's a bunch of them. In the NTSC version however some of the beta options are absent. The majority of them were found for PAL. The ones after the first 4 were found by me. Can be viewed on the setups in the multiplayer game selecting area of the pub by using this code(PAL only. Haven't found any NTSC code online so far).

800E0F62 00XX

Replace XX with the below digits(credit to the code belongs to Neoegyptian, an member of RWP)

E = Setup options include the option called "CASH" where you can change a value from 2000 to 20000. A BETA cheat perhaps?
F = Setup options include the ability to change the game's language, and there's a strange option called 'ON' which you can switch to 'OFF', 'CAPTURE THE FLAG', 'COLLECTION', 'BATTLE', 'WEASELS VS TEDIZ', 'CASH', 'FORWARDS', 'INFINITE', 'TIME', 'ON' and 'ENGLISH'. What the hell could this option have done originally?!?!
19 = Setup options include one called 'AI VIEW' which you can turn on or off (presumably you could use this to see the simulants screens), one with a speech bubble that you can turn on or off (presumably you could turn speech on or off), one which you can change to 'BATTLE', 'BOMB BATTLE' (a BETA game perhaps?) and 'CIVILIAN'. There's also a weird 'FORWARDS'/'BACKWARDS' option and one of those adjust the screen options.
21 = Setup options include one called 'PICTURE' that you can still use - but it just adjusts the screen. Still, BETA name!
3C = Another set of unused options, which include;
An option with a cloud picture. Can be toggled on/off. However, it doesn't seem to do anything.
CHEATS - Doesn't do anything.
Sound mode - Displayed by a image of speakers. Doesn't do anything either.
BOTS - Sets the number of bots. Doesn't do anything. Set at 0 by default, but can only go up to 4 max, unlike the final game, which allows for up to 9.
61 = an extensive set of most available final options, including some of the unused ones
75 = More Beta options:
TEAMS - Sets whether characters are divided into teams. Has no apparent function.
1 PLAYER MULTIPLAYER RESOLUTION - sets 1 Player Screen resolution in multiplayer. Can be toggled between NORMAL or HI. This was functioning in the ECTS build, and could possibly be a remnant from early plans, when the developers planned to make the game utilize the Expansion Pak to it's fullest, including this ability to set the resolution.

None of the above options work in the final game(with the exception of AI-view and Speech bubbles), but they can be seen and fiddled around with.

Unused multiplayer images:
No, I'm not kidding. There's a crapload of them in here. Some of them can be seen on the setup screen when using the above code, but there's others that won't appear by that code alone. Below are the whole set of unused images.

An arrow graphic for some screen adjusting feature?
An graphic for yet another screen feature to set the brightness/contrast in the game.
blues_unused   greens_unused   reds_unused   yellows_unused
Larger versions of the icons used for showing the color name of the teams to be set up when choosing to play Heist.
frenchys_unused   raptors_unused   squirrels_unused   tediz_unused
Icons for certain multiplayer games. Have no idea where these could have been used.
speechoff_unused   speechon_unused
Seems to be for an feature to let players toggle speech bubbles on or off. The feature itself is functional, and can be toggled on and off via the below code. (Again, PAL only)

800E1024 000X

0 - Off, 1, On
Credit Goes to Neo Egyptian for making this code.

The above images can be viewed on the Heist setup by using this code below.

810ABA36 XX7E

AB - FRENCHYS (unused)
AC - RAPTORS (unused)
AF - TEDIZ (unused)
B0 - SQUIRRELS (unused)
B1 - YELLOWS (unused)
B2 - GREENS (unused)
B3 - BLUES (unused)
B4 - REDS (unused)
C1 - Brightness/contrast (unused)
EE - ON (Speech Bubbles)(unused)
EF - OFF (Speech Bubbles)(unused)
F9 - Arrows(unused)

Unused text:
There also is a bunch of unused texts to go along with the above pics. Some of them may fit in, while others may not. The same code is used to view them.

03 - COLLECTION (unused)
04 - BATTLE (unused)
05 - WEASELS VS TEDIZ (unused)
0D - PICTURE (unused)
0E - 4:3 (unused)
0F - 16:9 (unused)
14 - HEADPHONES (unused)
15 - LANGUAGE (unused)
16 - ENGLISH (unused)(the game is in english only anyways, so this never gets used.)
17 - FRENCH (unused)
18 - GERMAN (unused)
19 - SPANISH (unused)
1A - JAPANESE (unused)
1B - AI-VIEW (unused)
1C - BOMB BATTLE (unused)
1D - CIVILIAN (unused)
1E - TURRET PLAYER (unused)
20 - NORMAL (unused)
21 - HI (unused)
2A - DIRECTION (unused)
2B - FORWARDS (unused)
2C - BACKWARDS (unused)
2E - SPEECH BUBBLES (unused)
31 - BACKDROP (unused)
3B - CASH GAME (unused)
5B - WEASELS (unused)