Unused images too? Yep, alot of them. Below are the whole set, along with the neccessary code to see them.
The early "War" graphic from the ECTS demo version of Conker.

Either an earlier design of the "Windy" title graphic for the chapter menu in the pub, or it was to be used for a dropped multiplayer game.

Just a graphic saying "HAY". Supposedly were to be used for a dropped multiplayer mode?

Text saying "PRESS START". Was definitely used for a title screen function which also featured gameplay demos in early versions of CBFD. The above text is still present under the Bad Fur Day logo, but the game hides it during the intro before it has a chance to be seen, and even with hacking it can be quite hard to make it display. The demo feature and its code has since been removed from the final version, so trying to activate it will just freeze the game.

"BATS". Hmm.. WHERE would this one really fit? Well, thanks to Coolboyman we know that this was used for a dropped multiplayer mode, where you would play as a bat(and possibly Count Batula if Rare considered that). The premise of the game? No idea on that one atm. Possibly you had to deal with the villagers or something.

Probably a early name for the Raptor MP mode, or an entirely different mode altogether.

Small image of a corn. Have no idea where this could've been used, but could very likely have been intended for the Sloprano text in the TGMPoo battle.

The code for both versions to view them all:

Windy Graphic modifier(Chapter menu.) [C.Guru]
81085F80 0101
81085F82 8000
81085F86 ????

Windy Graphic modifier(Chapter menu.) [NTSC Port: Koolboyman]
81085BF0 0101
81085BF2 8000
81085BF6 ????

???? - the quantifier digit of the image (as seen above of each image)

The values on the first two lines can be altered at will, for example:
0x80085F80 03 - the image will be 3 blocks wide
0x80085F81 05 - the image will be 5 blocks tall
0x80085F82 FF - the image will be twice it's original size.