Despite that the game was restarted with lots of content having gone to waste, there's still some stuff leftover from this game. All of these bits are in no way used in the final game. Did you know that the game also contains a rooster sound in it's instrument files? Well, now you will find out as you read this page.

C-Button icons:
c_left_unused   c_right_unused   c_up_unused   c_down_unused
C-Left  C-Right    C-Up  C-Down

The above C-button icons may have been used for the speech bubbles earlier on. They are no longer used in the final game, likely due to there being no explanation of using the camera occurring. These can be seen in multiplayer mode(and also by selecting a file on the menu) by using the below GS codes for your region.

Status Hud Letter Modifier(Multiplayer)[PAL]
810027B8 240E
810027BA 00XX

Status Hud Letter Modifier(Multiplayer)[NTSC]
81002728 240E
8100272A 00XX

With XX being:
AA - C-Left AB - C-Right AC - C-Up AD - C-Down


An very old logo back from it's Conker's Quest days. Either it was used for promotion, or it was for an very early title screen. Further evidence that Bad Fur Day was based off the last ROM build of Twelve Tales. These graphics can be seen on the chapter menu with the below codes, for both versions:

Windy Graphic modifier(Chapter menu.) [C.Guru]
81085F80 0101
81085F82 8000
81085F86 ????

Windy Graphic modifier(Chapter menu.) [NTSC Port: Koolboyman]
81085BF0 0101
81085BF2 8000
81085BF6 ????

???? - the quantifier digit of the image (098C-09B3)

The values on the first two lines can be altered at will, for example:
0x80085F80 03 - the image will be 3 blocks wide
0x80085F81 05 - the image will be 5 blocks tall
0x80085F82 FF - the image will be twice it's original size.

Quite ALOT of small unused sprites for various flowers and plants. The designers must have overlooked the presence of these when retooling Twelve Tales into the game we now know and love.

0054-0059 - Small controller Buttons

0CD8 - Bird wings textures?

0CDD - Crow face and wing textures

031A-031D - Lit/unlit wall textures?

0D33 - Brick Texture

0D37-0D38-0D3A - Roman Textures

02DF - A Button

032C - B Button

0CF9-0CFE - Dirthill textures?

Yet some more graphical leftovers. Even the textures from a roman building managed to survive the transition from Twelve Tales to Bad Fur Day it seems! Codes to see these graphics(not the enviromental ones) are provided below.

2D Graphics Image Format Modifier(PAL)[C.Guru]
80090417 00WW
80090419 00HH
8009041B 000X

2D Graphics Image Format Modifier(NTSC)[C.Guru]
80090067 00WW
80090069 00HH
8009006B 000X

X - The type of graphics to display. Valid values range from 1 to 3. 0 is largely untested, but should work. Not sure about higher values.
WW - Width dimensions of image(in hexadecimal). Usually 20 by default.
HH - Height dimensions of image(in hexadecimal). Usually 20 by default.

The code can be used with any of the below codes that I and Koolboyman found in 2013. Just remember to leave the upper 8-bit digit on the 2nd line of the code for your game region at 0x00 in order for the width and height values to not get reset.

Windy Graphic modifier(Chapter menu.) (PAL)[C.Guru]
81085F80 0101
81085F82 8000
81085F86 ????

Windy Graphic modifier(Chapter menu.) [NTSC Port: Koolboyman]
81085BF0 0101
81085BF2 8000
81085BF6 ????

A few sound effects from Twelve Tales are present. Audio samples below:

Camera Sound1
Camera Sound2
Frog Sound

Unused instrument files:
Well, at least one finding so far. It's the sound of a rooster at sunrise. It's not a sound effect, it's part of the instrument data in Conker, but it's not used anywhere in any song. Still, it technically gets used in certain songs if the instruments are changed to the same one for each channel. By using this gameshark code, it can be made so:
81015118 2405
8101511A 00XX
81014E28 2405
81014E2A 00XX

The XX being 0B - dinosaurs and birds.
The Great Mighty Poo might be the best place to hear it. In order to make it fully hearable, this code needs to be used to slow down the music:
8102CAB0 47A4
8102C750 47A4

Alternatively, instead of using the codes to slow down the music, just use the below ones, and the sound will be heard in all tracks(can get a bit annoying if listening to it for too long though):
81014498 240D
8101449A 0026
810141A8 240D
810141AA 0026

It's nothing more but maybe a simple audio leftover from Twelve Tales, and Rare had no intention of using this in the final game.


Yep, there's a single line of text that is repeated 2 times in the ROM, and starts at 003C780 in PAL, and 003C420 in NTSC:
Conker N64 - Rare Ltd

Could this be leftover from back when CBFD were still Twelve Tales before it changed? Who really knows...