the shitchurch

Read about the hilarious adventures of TGMPoo and his buddies(or boring, depending on your tastes. We can't guarantee that all of you may like them, nor can we force ya to like 'em, cause that would be against peoples wills you know!). Right now only the original swedish untranslated stories is on this page, as they yet have to see any translating, so only sweds like for example CG will be able to understand all of what's being said atm. Readability problems aside, there's plans to turn these into at least comics. When that will happen depends on CG and his laziness.

The Awful Shitchurch EP1(Swedish)
The Awful Shitchurch EP2(Swedish)
The Awful Shitchurch EP3(Swedish)
The Awful Shitchurch EP4(Swedish)

The Awful Shitchurch EP5(Swedish)
The Awful Shitchurch EP50(Swedish)
English Translations:
The Awful Shitchurch EP1(English)