Here's some reviews of CBFD (and L&R if neccessarily needed) written by the people/fans who have played the game. Be them bad or good, they're still worth checking out.

Live and Reloaded review: By MissNatzooie
Ok, I’ve been willing to do a review of this game because I own a copy. I will talk about the levels I’ve played and talk about the multiplayer, and my own opinions, then I’ll talk about what parts of this game made many Conker fans upset and angry. So let’s dive in!

So, the graphics have improved a lot since BFD, things have changed a lot since Conker upgraded from the Nintendo 64 to the Xbox.
The single player adventure is basically the game, with some different cutscenes but everything remains the same. Conker has changed as well, he is now given shorts. And he’s also given a different weapon, remember the frying pan? Well now he’s no longer using that, he’s now using a baseball bat. Many fans of the original complained that Conker was better with the frying pan. I didn’t like how it would take abit of time for Conker to get out the baseball bat, I mean, in the N64 version, when I pressed B, Conker would just get the frying pan and whack; this was a lot easier than just aiming.
I really hated the imps that walked around Windy and other worlds in the game, what’s the point of putting them in there? There were no imps walking around the worlds in BFD; were the developers trying to make this more difficult? Honestly, there’s no point for the imps to be there.

I’m now about to talk about the major thing that annoyed many Conker fans about L&R; the censoring, now if you have played BFD, the only word that is censored is obviously, the ‘’F’’ word. But in L&R, almost every swear word is censored, well, except for ‘’bastard’’. But all the other swears get censored. Even the GMP song got butchered due to the censors, this made many Conker fans furious, even when they tried to sing along to the infamous song, they just couldn’t overcome the fart noise that was supposed to represent a censor. Many fans were so angry about this.
I noticed this when I was playing the single player adventure; things have become way too easy, I mean, at the part where I had to get tickly bees for Miss Sunflower, there was a litte box saying how many bees I had to get, I already knew how many bees I had to get. Also, in the Uga Buga level, when Conker enters the lava room, you know the platform that you had to raise before killing the baby dino (poor thing…)? As soon as the music-changing cutscene ends, the platform has already been raised even before you go to the dino egg!

This is because that Rare thought that some parts of the game would be waaay too hard for some new players, so they changed some parts in the game.
Honestly, you’re probably wondering why I’m complaining about this, well, here’s why; I always love being challenged in a game, you know, make some things so hard to do, so hard in fact I would have a feeling that I would never complete the game. Well, this game isn’t challenging me at all, it’s just a breeze!
So overall, I give the single player adventure 6.1/10, because in BFD, I was constantly challenged, and I loved it, even if I did become frustrated at some parts in the game. This version does not challege me at all; I felt like I already finished the game, even when I was near the end of the War chapter.

Speaking about war, I’m going to talk about the multiplayer. Remember Raptor, Heist and Race? Well, if you’re expecting those types of multiplayer in L&R, prepare to be disappointed, they don’t appear in this version AT ALL. It’s just all about the War, EVERY. SINGLE. PART. Every part in this multiplayer is all about the SHC and the Tediz and their constant fighting.

Ok, now, if you remember the multiplayer in BFD, there were a few types that involved War, such as Beach and Tanks. Now that was OK, because there were other types of multiplayer with Raptor and Heist. But in this one, it’s just entirely focused on the War. That’s ok, but why is the box cover of CL&R full of War? Seriously, it shows Conker in his war suit sitting on top of a tank of some sort. Many fans complained that they just didn’t like the box art cover. Someone on the art site deviantART re-made the box art cover for CL&R, and a lot of people said that their version was better than the original box art for the game. If Conker’s name is on the title, then I expect a raunchy but very funny adventure starring the little alcoholic red squirrel, I don’t usually expect a huge war with the SHC and Tediz, I know that War’s one of the chapters in the single player adventure but why did Rare heavily rely on the whole War theme?

OK, I get it, Microsoft’s Xbox is well know for having online War games, such as Halo and CoD, but Rare; please, I don’t want a Conker game to be the next Halo. Don’t be slapping Conker’s name on the title if it isn’t going to be entirely about him. The best thing Rare could’ve done is make a Conker spin-off entirely about the Milk Wars, and with the main series, Rare could’ve gave Conker his sequel. That’s actually a brilliant idea, make a Conker spin-off about the Milk Wars and at the same time, make Conker 2! But I guess it’s abit too late for that idea to happen.

So there’s now War Classes in the multiplayer, instead of making a bunch of soldier clones, they gave them different classes; the Grunt, the Thermophile, the Sneeker, the Demolisher, the Sky Jockey and so on, one of the differences is that the SHC Sneeker is a female, probably because Rare didn’t want to be sexist saying that girls can’t fight in a battle.
Ok, the gameplay in the multiplayer is OK, I’ll admit that, I actually had abit of fun playing the multiplayer, but it’s just not as good as the BFD multiplayer was. So I give the multiplayer 7/10.
So, here’s my final rating for Conker Live & Reloaded:
Here’s the rating that I gave BFD:
Looks like BFD wins this time, NOTHING can compare to the original game that started it all and gave the term ‘’Bad Day’’ an entirely different meaning.
A lot of reviewers said that they prefer BFD, this is because at the time when the game could only advertise on Prime Time, the commercial for the N64 game perfectly described the game; raunchy, rude, bizzare but also incredibly funny and hilarious. BFD is now known to be a Cult Classic, this means that the game was so funny, that despite it’s poor sales, many people loved the game and became fans of it, and yes, I’m part of that cult following since I’m a huge fan of CBFD.

I say that L&R didn’t do as well as BFD did, there were a few commercials for this Xbox remake, but only one commercial talked about the raunchiness of the single player adventure. All the other ones were just about the war. L&R was originally called Live & Uncut, due to the fact that Rare was originally going to uncensor EVERYTHING, but Microsoft; being the babies they were at the time requested that Rare should censor the game.

There are several Conker fansites on the internet today, but only a few of them are active, one of the more popular fansites is ‘’Conker’s Crib’’, sadly, CC is no longer being updated and has now become an inactive site, this was due to the owner of site saying that he was moving on to other things and has lost interest of Conker, the last update was last year due to the fact that Conker was celebrating his 10th anniversary since the release of BFD back in 2001.
The majority of other Conker fansites (such as ConkerBase) no longer exist or have now become advertising sites (sites that are now just pages of advertising items, shops etc…).

However, I do have a friend who is making a Conker fansite called ‘’Conker’s Homeland’’. I am helping him out with the site, we’re basically just trying to breathe life back into Conker when Rare turned off his life support after L&R came out.
Well, that’s my review of CL&R, with some added trivia and notes about both games. We can agree that BFD is better than L&R.

~Miss Natapink (Soon to be ConkaNat)

Conker's BFD and L&R Review: By ConkerGuru
Alright, so here's my first review of a video game ever to be written. But I'll keep it short and sweet, since it's been too long I actually played through the original.

The singleplayer mode was quite sweet, and not to mention the wonderful cutscenes, very well done indeed. The parodies were clever as well, and the jokes was funny, just outright funny. It never really gets old.

The multiplayer portion of the game was fun as well, with Raptor, Race and Heist being my favourites.

In overall, this game absolutely wins. I give the game an 9.4/10

Now, time for the L&R one. I've played through the singleplayer remake, and most of it was just about the same, except for minor alterations like in the Training bit, the gargoyle part being changed (which of course didn't surprise me at all, but I still were flattered about it.) Aside from the training level, the one difference I didn't like was Conker now ditching his frying pan in favor of an baseball bat with rusty nails on it. While I did enjoy whacking things and chopping the Nice/Nasty sign with it, it still didn't feel the same as with the frying pan. As for the rest of the playthrough, I gave up. Yes, that's right, I just gave up on it. No need to question me on that one.
And for the word of the lovely TGMPooball, if there's something several fans complained about, it was the censoring of nearly EVERY SINGLE CURSE WORD in the game (except ''bastard''). Even the newly ''remastered'' Sloprano song got affected, with the swear words being replaced by a fart noise, and that alone detracted many fans of the original.

As for the new war-focused multiplayer campaign, I'm usually against war games(yes, not even sports games will make me jump in joy like crazy), and the new multiplayer mode was about enough for me to not play it. You think the old multiplayer mode would ever return? How wrong. Well, it was planned to be in it, but Rare had to replace it with an new one entirely focused on war. Who knows what for, but maybe because ''it wouldn't do well'' on the games of today(at that time).

I give L&R an rating of 4.5/10, mainly due to all the swears being censored, and things in the game just not feeling the same anymore. It was like a disaster(or should I say disappointment). Rare could easily just have done the sequel instead if M$ let them do it, and I bet Chris himself were even thinking about that as they worked on L&R, that I can tell for sure.