the shitchurch

So you wanna know what The Shitchurch is, eh? Fear it or not, but it all began with a simple joke of ConkerGuru's, which of course was about me and my church. CG always wondered why the priest always reads the bible every time one goes to the church. Now comes the fun part; I, The Great Mighty Poo have apparantly begun with church too, but instead of the church being built with bricks it's made of poo. That's right, WITH MY OWN shit! In my church however I didn't just stand there in front of my members and read bibles, prayed to that guy up there or any such things, we instead sang opera, with my Sloprano as our theme, which later on became our tradition, and national song likewise. But we didn't sing just opera however, we even did several sports of our own... well, some of them may sound familiar, but in our poo-themed sports EVERYTHING applies. NO silly rules or anything, just pure fun. Our sports include Shit-Tennis, Shit-Hockey, Shit-Golf, Shit-Football, and a couple others. As for anything to play with during the matches we had a poor little sweetcorn!.. But that joke of his soon turned into an idea, and only some time later, in 2008/02 were the first story of the Awful Shitchurch written. (Actually numbered episode 50, because of it's really dramatic nature.) Later after that one some more "episodes" sprung up, and that is what made me the one I'am today, an priest made of poo, in his lovely church. As of now only about 6 stories has been written, with a 7th currently and still in writing. Our page is a little barren right now, but there's more on the way... whenever CG gets off his lazy butt and "resurrects" this concept again. As for the stories themselves, they hadn't yet been translated, but we will hope that CG one day will translate them.

Character profiles:


Name: Shitpriest
Occupation: Priest
Type: Pile of feces
Residence: Where it's the most crappiest
Place of origin: Poo Mountain in Windy
Interests: Opera a.k.a soprano, sweet corns, and poo

This is the Shitpriest, and he's the main guy in ”The Awful Shitchurch”! After he was flushed down the toilet in Conker's Bad Fur Day he  decided to find a way out of the sewers where he came down to. After finding his way out he came to an world he'd never known. Without any further thoughts he looked around in this new strange world. But he soon encounters an old, ugly, rotten church where phonographs were lying all around the place, and decides to build his own church to take them down. He likes sweet corns, and never leaves anything on the plate. He also likes party, Video games, sports(in his own style.), and last but not least, having song-wars with the Oldies-Church!