Bags needed to win mod Heist[Neo Egyptian]
800E1014 00YY
Conker VS an army of blue weasels in heist[C.Guru]
80090140 0001
810901E4 00FE
810901E6 FEFE
810901E8 FEFE
810901EA FEFE
810901EC FEFE
810901EE FEFE
810901F0 FEFE
810901F2 FEFE
810E1030 0001
810E1032 0101
810E1034 0101
810E1036 0101
810E1038 0101
810E103A 0101
810E103C 0101
810E103E 0101
800E1012 0030
800E1014 0030
800D255F 0005
Heist Character Placing Mod[C.Guru]
810E1030 XXXX
810E1032 XXXX
810E1034 XXXX
810E1036 XXXX
This modifies the team data in the Multiplayer Heist(this also works in other multiplayer modes, although incorrectly) so that you can have maximately up to 4 characters each, making 2 existing teams with 2 characters place their characters into the other 2 teams with 2 characters more each, but this leaves those two empty teams out of the game depending on which team color were chosen; 00 is mr red, 01 mr blue, 02 mr green and 03 for mr yellow. you can go above the normal teams, but digits higher than 00 – 03 might cause game crashes and freezing.
Kills mod(deathmatch)[Neo Egyptian]
800E1016 00YY
Laps mod Race A/B setup[Neo Egyptian]
800E1017 00YY
Lives mod in setup[Neo Egyptian]
800E1012 00YY
Multiplayer Game mod[Neo Egyptian]
800E0F62 00XX
Number of characters modifier[C.Guru]
80090140 000X
810901E4 XXXX
810901E6 XXXX
810901E8 XXXX
810901EA XXXX
810901EC XXXX
810901EE XXXX
810901F0 XXXX
810901F2 XXXX
X=Number of characters that is joining the match(Better set it to F if you’re unsure of how many characters should be in multiplayer.)
XX=Player type
00=Player1 01=Player2 02=Player3 03=Player4 FE=Computer player FF=none FC=Dummy(doesn’t move at all)
number of seconds left modifier[C.Guru]
81090118 YYYY
8109011A YYYY
7FFF FFFF=The highest the clock can be at max
Vault weapon modifier(P1)[C.Guru]
8018CEEB 00XX
00=frying pan 01=bazooka 02=knife 03=crossbow 04=sniper rifle 05=sniper rifle 06=frying pan FF=unarmed(homerun bat)
Pick up a weapon first, or you won’t be able to use the weapon you specified.(He just takes out the frying pan if you haven’t.) It doesn´t work all the time I'm afraid, since the data for the players weapons shuffles around in memory each time you play in multi(they'll always remain at the 1???00 range however).
AI Modifier [C.Guru]
800E1020 00XX
Computer AI In Current Match Modifier[C.Guru]
800E1000 00XX
Speech Bubbles Option added to Heist(Multiplayer)[C.Guru]
810ABB38 0013
810ABB3A 001C
Speech Bubbles and AI-View Options added to Heist(Multiplayer)[C.Guru]
810ABB38 0013
810ABB3A 081C
Replace Heist options with beta options(Multiplayer)
810ABB38 0FF8
810ABB3A BC23

And all of them in one set

Heist Game Setup Modifier[C.Guru]
800ABA73 00??
800ABA74 00??
800ABA75 00??
800ABA76 00??
800ABA77 00??
800ABA78 00??

Line 1 - Level ID(default-1A)
Line 2 - (default-00)
Line 3 - Multiplayer Game type(default-00)
Line 4 - Multiplayer game scene
Line 5 - Multiplayer game Win/Lose Scene
Line 6 - Character everyone starts as

Heist Cutscene Modifier(Multi)[C.Guru]
800ABB89 00??
800ABB8A 00??
800ABB8B 00??

Line 1 - Level ID(default-1A)
Line 2 - Cutscene ID(default-01)
Line 3 - unknown(default-01)

No of Moneybags modifier(05-max)[C.Guru]
80090230 00XX
No of Lives modifier(05-max)[C.Guru]
8009022E 00XX