Interpreter Simulation Code[C.Guru]
810096C8 2406
810096CA 0004
This cheat forces the game to run in Interpreter-like mode, even if Project64 is not safely capable of this yet(even though it can be switched to in the options, the game runs noticably slower, and could even crash the emu. With this code, you can have the game run through the interpreter perhaps all the time without any slowdowns or instabilities, and the resulted audio output is nearly identical to that of what can be heard through the speakers of a TV.) The game has to be reset before the cheat can take effect(Unlike the other sound modifiers i made, this one will not take effect by reloading any savestates) I made this code for Project64 V1.6, as it is the most stable version so far.

Reset Type Modifier[C.Guru]
800BE615 000X
1 - tasks reset
2 - level reset
Best used with button activators.

Framerate fix[retroben]
8102ABA2 060D
Fixes the framerate drops that occur in areas of too much activity. It might lead to some undesirable side effects though, but so far i've never noticed any. Also seems to make the game load things faster, and fixing cutscene timings to a degree(the latter may only apply to emulator, and audio timings also aren't fixed). The code has been tried on the console game, but it never seemed to properly work if set lower.

Multiplayer huds text load modifier[C.Guru]
81002152 XXXX
FFFF - Normal
FFFE - Decimals??
FFF6 - 8112
FFF2 - 112

Seconds in timer displays as[C.Guru]
810021D8 2418
810021DA 000?
00 - 0?(with ? being whatever decimal digit)
01 - ?(with ? being whatever decimal digit)
02 - +?(with ? being whatever decimal digit)

Status Hud Letter Modifier(Multiplayer)[C.Guru]
810027B8 240E
810027BA 00XX
Affects mostly the numbers

Conker’s Bad Glitchy Day V1[C.Guru]
81091D20 0088
810CC45D 004F*
810CC45F 002F*
810CC4A1 00EF*
810CC389 004F*
810CC38D 004F*
810CC391 004F*
810CC789 004F*
810CC78B 002F*
810CC6B5 004F*
810CC6B9 004F*
810CC6BD 004F*
810CCAB5 004F*
810CCAB7 002F*
810CC9E1 004F*
810CC9E5 004F*
810CC9E9 004F*
810CCDE1 004F*
810CCDE3 002F*
810CCD0D 004F*
810CCD11 004F*
810CCD15 004F*
810141AC A3A2
81017470 24A5
81017472 FF89
The lines marked with a “*” might only work on emulator(without the quotation marks)

Game Mode Modifier[C.Guru]
800BE616 000X
00:adventure mode. 01:Multiplayer

Speed of Players modifier[C.Guru]
810994D4 3F19
cpus not counted. Only affects control stick

text size modifier[C.Guru]
810380A0 3F80
810380A4 3F80

Unrestricted Head Rotation[C.Guru]
81098068 728C
8109806C F28C
81098070 723C
81098074 F23C
Only works whenever an character looks at the camera object.

press d pad up to commit suicide[C.Guru]
D2042A14 0008
810CC2D2 0001
D0042A14 0008
810CC2D2 010D
It does cost a life however.

Models Texture Layering[C.Guru]
8008417D 0064

2D images size modifier[C.Guru]
810A37FC 4187
blood, and such, etc.(excluding the pools formed after it hits ground, and a few other 2D images)

Floating weapons speed modifier[C.Guru]
810A32F0 3FC2
810A32FC 43FD
810A3300 43D1

antigravity chocolate speed modifier[C.Guru]
810A3178 3DB2

grass/ hay coming from shoes size modifiers[C.Guru]
810A5708 3CCC
810A570C 3CA3

grass/ hay coming from shoes speed modifiers[C.Guru]
810A5710 40FF
810A5718 3E91
810A571C 3F74

"Free movement mode" (P1) V1[C.Guru]
D10BE9F4 0000
D00CC335 0002
800CC3F5 00FF
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042A14 00C0
803FFFF0 0002
D03FFFF0 0002
800CC3CA 0000
D03FFFF0 0002
D00CC3CA 0000
810CC3C8 0000
D03FFFF0 0002
D10CC3C8 0000
800CC3F5 0000
D03FFFF0 0002
D00CC3F5 0000
D03FFFF0 0002
800CC407 0000
D03FFFF0 0002
D00CC407 0000
810CC2F4 4000
D03FFFF0 0002
D10CC2F4 4000
803FFFF0 0000
D03FFFF0 0000
D0042A15 0020
803FFFF0 0001
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC2F0 8000
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC350 0100
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC3D0 0100
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC3E0 0000
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC3E2 0000
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC3E8 C61C
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC3EC C61C
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC358 FF00
D03FFFF0 0001
800CC3CA 00FF
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC3C8 F700
D03FFFF0 0001
800CC407 0004
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC456 0000
D03FFFF0 0001
800CC3F5 00FF
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC2F8 0001
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC2F4 8000
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC49C F000
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042A14 000A
810CC2F0 40FB
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042A14 0008
810CC2F0 420B
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042A14 0009
810CC2F0 42AB
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042A14 0006
810CC2F0 C0FB
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042A14 0004
810CC2F0 C20B
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042A14 0005
810CC2F0 C2AB
Press L to activate the code(if in cutscene, hold the L button down till the screen fades back in again, or else you will fall through the ground, leading to death. This happens at random). now you can move the player around all over the place, including; collision detection disabled, no gravity, invincibility(with the exception of certain traps like pits), and fooling your opponents. Cutscenes will still trigger as of the lastest version of the code. Use Up and Down on the D-pad to rise Conker/whoever you are upwards or downwards. Slow down or speed up the up/down movement by holding down two directions at once, depending on if you hold up or down. either direction up or down+left direction slows it, and up or down+right speeds it up fast! Press B+A to deactivate the code at the desired position and height. hopefully this should be a suitable replacement for the moonjump cheat. There will be camera issues sometimes if you leave an area, but going into first person look mode will fix it.

Level Model Color Overlay Modifier[C.Guru]
800D9CD2 00BB
800D9CDA 00BB

RR - Red. GG - Green. BB - Blue.

Only works well in some areas, like Windy. In other areas like the Poo Cavern, it'll blend in with the level geometry, making it look a bit fancier. As for some areas like Heist MP, not all parts of the level are affected.

Drawing Distance Modifier[C.Guru]
810DD2F4 ????

Models Color Overlay Modifier[C.Guru]
800DCD22 00BB
Includes levels(if a level features dynamic lighting effects, the level can't be made to look all black).

RR - Red GG - Green BB - Blue

Character Models Color Overlay Modifier[C.Guru]
800DCD26 00BB
Only applies to Character models and such

RR - Red GG - Green BB - Blue

Models Hue Overlay Modifier[C.Guru]
800DCD2A 00BB
Can be used for some nice shading effects

RR - Red GG - Green BB - Blue

Models Light Modifier[C.Guru]

Character Models Shading Modifier[C.Guru]
800DCD7F 000X

0 - No Shading
1- Shading On

Draw Distance modifier[C.Guru]

Lighting Modifier[C.Guru]
800D9E20 000X

Active Level-specific objects Modifier[C.Guru]
800DBEF3 00??

lock almost all characters heads[C.Guru]
800BE9B4 0025

Speech bubbles color modifier[C.Guru]
800C3CCE 00BB

RR-red GG-green BB-blue
FFFF FF - white(usually default)
3C3C 3C - dark grey(Greggs speech bubble)

Conker model visibility modifier[C.Guru]
810C4778 000X
X = digit
0 = invisible
1 = visible

Conker model appearance modifier[C.Guru]
810C4ED0 00XX
XX = digit
1C = default

Conker eye textures ?? modifier[C.Guru]
810C5628 00XX
XX = digit
2C = default(going above makes the game freeze)

Conker ?? modifier[C.Guru]
810C57A0 0XXX
XXX = Digit
391 = default

Conker ??(2) modifier[C.Guru]
810C5918 0XXX
XXX = Digit
32B = default

Conker amount of animations modifier[C.Guru]
810C5A90 0YYY
YYY =Value
359=default(also max, going above will have no effect.)

Single Player Start Point Of Chapter[C.Guru]
800D212B 000?

ALL Multi characters available in each MP mode[C.Guru]
Also includes the bat and Conker bat, which cannot normally be played as in multi. Though guessing by their presence on the character select, they may have been intended for an beta mode at one point.

Conker’s tail swing speed modifier[C.Guru]
81098838 3C8E
81098848 3C8E
8109884C 3F49
81098850 3C23
81098854 3C8E
81098858 3C8E

Character Heads Speed Modifier[C.Guru]
810981A0 3DCC
810981A4 3DCC

Rock men are destroyable[C.Guru]
8009A6A6 0000
Single Player only, in Rock Solid.

Multiplayer characters are destroyable[C.Guru]
8009A6D6 0000
Single Player only.

Rock women are destroyable[C.Guru]
8009A6D4 0000
Single Player only, in Rock Solid.

Gyro Ugas pan whack behaviour modifier[C.Guru]
8109A43A 00XX
Single Player only, in Rock Solid.

Gyro Ugas Act like Zombies When Hit By Frying Pan[C.Guru]
8109A43A 881A
Single Player only, in Rock Solid.

Poo stench 2d image speed modifiers[C.Guru]
8109F7BC 38D1
8109F7C0 3F78
8109F7C8 3DC8

Up and Down on control stick doesn’t work[C.Guru]
81024CBE 0008
affects ALL controllers

Controllers behavior modifier[C.Guru]
81024CBE 000X

FINAL: Widescreen Hack V1[C.Guru]
81096900 3CAE
81098DB0 3C31
81098DB2 A235
810AB940 FFD7
810AB946 CE00
810AB948 FFF3
810AB94E C300
810AB950 000F
810AB956 BD00
810AB958 002C
810AB95C B100