ConkerGuru's deviantART - The place where I first showed up.

The RWP - aka The Rare Witch Project. Haven't been active there for a while.

Rareware Central - Been a member on this community for some time now.

LucybonesSquirrel's Webplace - My own personal website where I'll be uploading everything I've ever done.

ConkerGuru's Blogsite - An blog of mine intended to serve as the place for my stuff. Haven't been doing anything much with it since I got the Conker site up.

My Twitter Page - Not so much active here either.

Unseen64 - Haven't been active on this site since the new forums are up.

TCRF - The Cutting Room Floor, an site dedicated to unearthing Debug and unused content in videogames. Haven't been much around there either.

Conker's Crib - An website about Conker just like this one. Is no longer being updated. It's author has stated that the site will remain online for as long as angelfire still are in business.

The Bonk Compendium - An website about the Bonk Series of games. Hasn't been updated in a long time, but it's the only one on the net covering everything about the steelheaded caveman.

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