Cutscene Start/Stop[C.Guru]
D1042DA4 0200
810C3A0A 0000
D1042DA4 0200
810C3A58 0000
D1042DA4 0400
810C3A0A 0100
D1042DA4 0400
810C3A58 0100
D-pad left to stop cutscene, D-pad down to Resume/Start(the latter might freeze the game if there's no cutscene ready to be executed)

Skip ANY Cutscene at own will[C.Guru]
800C40BC 0000
00 - allowed to skip through every single cutscene, including those that cannot normally be skipped.
01-FF - not allowed to skip through cutscenes at all.. so far it only works completely in chapter mode, and perhaps in a completed save file

Cutscenes Position Modifier[C.Guru]
810C39D2 ????
810C39DA ????

Let's you set what position the current scene is at(characters and some other things in cutscenes will not be updated until a specific part is reached). The value marking where it ends depends on the kind of scene in the current level. 0000 is where it starts. Best used with button activators.

Camera Focus Modifier(in cutscenes)[C.Guru]
800C3A18 00??

Sets where in a level the camera should shift focus to. Despite the fact that it's working quite good, the game still tries to set the correct value. There might be some unused camera positions to discover with this code as well.