There are probably lots of flash movies of Conker out there in the vast internet ocean, so having them all together in one place is sometimes neccessary. That is the purpose of this page, to archive every single piece of conker flash movie work ever made. The rights to all of them goes to their respective creators, and no profit is ever made by having them on this page. I'm just providing them here for others to enjoy.

Having that said, enjoy them flash clips below.


Do you remember this Conker toon? If not, I'll give you a reminder; These 3 flash shorts originated from the original Conker site, which sadly are no more. They were done to promote the game, but it remains unknown who or what company actually made these, but the voice of Conker is definitely similar to that of Chris, the man and squirrel himself, so he may of have had some involvement in them. Luckily they weren't lost to time, as I got them here right below. Click on any of the preview pics below for the episode you want to watch.

Episode 1 Previews:
Episode 2 Previews:
Episode 3 Previews:
Conker_Etiquette3_1Conker_Etiquette3_2Conker_Etiquette3_3  Conker_Etiquette3_4Conker_Etiquette3_5Conker_Etiquette3_6

If you want to view them in the old way: conker1.swf conker2.swf conker3.swf