If you ever wanted to read a interview with Conker and his buddies, now's your chance. Hear what Conker and pals have to say about things and stuff. Some being friendly, some not so much... or some of those whose always got too little time on their hands. Pick a image of the character below you'd like to read interviews of:
conker_thumb.PNGberri_thumb.PNGconkerandberri_thumb.pngbugatheknutfireimpgreggkidconkeryshathecolonelthrone guardsfegisenbatula_thumb.PNGbeetle_thumb.PNGbirdy_thumb.PNGdonweaso_thumb.PNGfajofrankymarvintgmpoopoppetchristinereg_thumb.PNGconkerguru_thumb.pngconkanatvonkripelspacthe bartender