Every game has it's share of bugs and code flaws, but for CBFD it's a bit stale with that ware apparantly. But there's still quite a few of them. I discovered these on my own, but if anyone has found any of them before me, then do tell me and I'll give credit where it's due.

No music in Poo Mountain:
Pick Windy and go to the Poo Mountain(not inside the mountain, but outside). When you're there, head back to the exit, and for about a second re-enter again. If done right, there'll be no music.(if you turn the volume all the way up you'll either hear it playing, or not. It depends how you timed it)

No music in Windy:
Pick Windy and go to the outside of Poo Mountain(where the Poo cabin is), and head up the poo mountain range. Stop at a certain height(preferably at the middle section, where the sleeping beetle is/used to be) and look down at the cabin where the stony ground by the entrance is. This is the tricky part; try to hover over the stony ground with the helicopter-tail-thingy move, and let Conker drop down. If he was at the right distance and position before he fell, Conker will land on the ground in front of the cabin and die. When Conker is brought back to life again, there will be no music. If the player heads towards the windmill, music will start playing, but leaving that area still won't bring the Windy music back(also includes the Barn Boys area, and probably the Bullfish area as well). The only way to return it to normal is to go back to the Poo Mountain and walk back out again, go to the Hungover area, or go back to the menu.

Frying Pan is TGMPoo's worst pain:
This might be a well known one by now, but I discovered this as early as in 2007. Anyway, fight the TGMPoo, and get up to the 3rd phase.  Now, when he begins to open his mouth and say ''Aah'', if he comes up from the Toilet-shaped platform, go over and whack him with Conker's pan, he'll act as if you tossed a toilet paper in his mouth(he will of course take damage, so progressing is possible). You can repeat this until the 4th phase.

Mean Camera:
Have Conker stand against a wall and press R to look behind his head, the game will push Conker a couple inches away from the wall. Why the game does this is entirely beyond me, but it will lead to a few side-glitches in some areas.(and some annoying consequences Rare never knew about)