Pitch Frequency Codes:
Game Music Pitch Modifier[Ported by C.Guru]
81014722 ????
Says it all, basically modifies the pitch of the songs in the game. Default value is 3F80.
Sound Effects Pitch Modifier[Ported by C.Guru]
81015D1A ????
81015D52 ????
Modifies the pitch of the sfx in the game. Default Value for both lines are E890
Music Pitch Modifier[C.Guru]
8101B6C6 ????
Does the same thing as the Game Music Pitch Modifier code, but it only changes if you either enter an area where the music track changes, or if going back to the bar(the main menu). But, it’s not as accurate as the other one, making some parts of a song sound awful. Default value 3F80.
Pitch Reduce<->Pitch Increase[Ported by C.Guru]
8102253A ????.
This one is a little different, and it’s really bizzare. 4700 is the default value. Setting it to 46FF will cause all sounds(excluding voice clips.) to pitch down, making it sound like it’s slowing down. (sfx do slow down, the music itself doesn’t really slow down.) values beyond 46FF makes it step even further down. Setting it to 4701 will pitch every bit of sound up.
Pitch Increase<->Pitch Reduce[Ported by C.Guru]
8102256A ????.
does the same as the one above, only that it’s reversed.
Music Pitch Modifier 2[Ported by C.Guru]
81014494 25A4
81014496 ????
A little different to my first music pitch mod code. 0000 is default.
Examples: 0060 is like 3F88. 0120 is 3F98, and 0180 is 3FA0.
Detuned Music[C.Guru}
81014456 5723=default value-5823
8101445E 5721=default value-5821
Master Sounds Pitch Modifier fix V1.1[NTSC Port by C.Guru]
81014EE4 2704
81014EE6 XXXX
81019AB6 3F80
This fixes that strange audio bug heard in songs like Windy and Heist(multi) when the Pitch modifier for all sounds but speech is being altered. However, it won’t make any difference unless the player changes the 0000 for the 810151D6 line as well, as this is required. Example: if 81019DA6 is 3FA0, then 810151D6 has to be FE80. same for value 3F98, then the value for 810151D6 should be FEE0. It’s a bit tricky to learn, even i myself haven’t really gotten much hang of it yet. Some sfx pitch bugs could still be present however.

Music Tempo Codes:
Music Tempo Modifier[NTSC port: C.Guru]
810180B6 ????
It only takes effect if you either enter an area where the music track changes, or if going back to the bar(the main menu). Default value is 3F80.
Music Tempo Modifier 2[NTSC port: C.Guru]
8102C750 ????
More stable than the previous code, and takes effect instantly. Note also that the length of sound effects is affected Default value 4974.

Music Codes:
“AAH” sound plays instantly at the great mighty poo[NTSC port: C.Guru]
81014D62 0000
Makes TGMPoo’s “AAH” sound play repeatedly, i.e it’s heard during the entire song(excluding cutscenes.). This also affects other tracks, particularly the Windy track, where every variation which weren’t all heard, are now heard, all of them.
alternative music corruption code[NTSC port: C.Guru]
81014D52 BF21
basically changes a few instruments in songs.
alternative music corruption code 2[NTSC port: C.Guru]
81014DEE 3F23
Same as the other, but is not that high-sounding.
Alternative music corruption code 3[NTSC port: C.Guru]
81018872 4721
It makes The Great Mighty Poo song not play. What else it does to other songs i don’t know.
Break the music[NTSC port: C.Guru]
D0042A14 0002
81014B56 3FD0
This code just makes the current song playing hang up, the resulting noise may vary depending on song, and how you time the button press. D-pad left makes the song hang permanently, causing any noise to be left heard in the background. The only way to return it to normal is to reset the game.
corrupted music[NTSC port: C.Guru]
810141B2 00BE
Corrupts the music. Also makes the game slow down sometimes.(the music is barely heard)
Extremely Corrupted Music[NTSC port: C.Guru]
810141AC A3A2
Does the same, but more extreme this time. Can also SEVERELY slow down the game.
Freeze Music Timers[NTSC port: C.Guru]
D0042A14 0002
81019D34 0000
D0042A14 0004
81019D34 3328
Disables music based timers/events. Two notable examples are The Great Mighty Poo(Where you battle him.), and Rock Solid(Where everyone dances to the beats of the song, rhytmically). D-pad left disables it, D-pad down enables it.
Less corrupted music[NTSC port: C.Guru]
810141DA 5022
Corrupts the music somewhat, yet again.
music echo modifier[NTSC port: C.Guru]
81014BD4 3C06
81014BD6 000X
modifies how much echo will be heard in music.
Music instruments modifier V1[NTSC port: C.Guru]
81014E28 2405
81014E2A 00XX
Modifies the type of instrument playing in songs(affects all instruments). 03 means that the clarinet will replace the original instruments. 20 is cello. 0A for bees.
Music Loops Over Itself[NTSC port: C.Guru]
81018C16 0040
Makes the music loop over itself. Do try to avoid battling the Boiler boss with this code active, because after the track loops a number of times, the music will hang up, and it cannot be undone.(this may also apply to when Conker must take back Mrs Bees hive, but so far i haven’t encountered it.. Unless you use some code that makes Conker invincible.)
Music type modifier V1[NTSC port: C.Guru]
81014294 2408
81014296 YYYY
Modifies the type of variation in a song.(example; for the windy song, 15 is the bullfish area type.)
Music Volume Modifier[NTSC port: C.Guru]
8101456E ????
Adjusts the volume of the songs. Default value is 42FE
Note Length modifier(music)[NTSC port: C.Guru]
81014A64 2409
81014A66 XXXX
Modifies the length of notes in songs.
Randomly Generated Instruments[NTSC port: C.Guru]
81014E5A 00A1
Um.. Just try it out.
Sound Corruption Code[NTSC port: C.Guru]
part 1
8101D09C 0000
8101D09E 0000
8101D0BC 0000
8101D0BE 0000
8101D0CC 3F80
8101D0CE 0000
8101D390 3C58
8101D392 F8D4
8101D394 BACD
8101D396 19E2
8101D398 3EFF
8101D39A E8B2
8101D39C 0000
8101D39E 0000
8101D3A0 BB39
8101D3A2 8652
8101D3A4 3EFF
8101D3A6 FE9A
8101D3A8 3AD7
8101D3AA 0031
8101D3AC 0000
8101D3AE 0000
8101D3B0 BEFF
8101D3B2 E7F5
8101D3B4 BB3C
8101D3B6 4E50
8101D3B8 3C58
8101D3BA D279
8101D3BC 0000
8101D3BE 0000
8101D3CC 3F80
8101D3CE 0000
8101D3D0 3C5E
part 2
8101D3D2 2F82
8101D3D4 BACC
8101D3D6 DC7E
8101D3D8 3EFF
8101D3DA E794
8101D3DC 0000
8101D3E0 BB81
8101D3E2 470C
8101D3E4 3EFF
8101D3E6 FD98
8101D3E8 3ADA
8101D3EA F5E8
8101D3EC 0000
8101D3EE 0000
8101D3F0 BEFF
8101D3F2 E5DA
8101D3F4 BB82
8101D3F6 B6C9
8101D3F8 3C5D
8101D3FA F9B0
8101D3FC 0000
8101D3FE 0000
8101D300 41D0
8101D402 F69C
8101D404 3E19
8101D406 C378
8101D408 BF31
8101D40A 0C81
8101D40C 3F80
8101D40E 0000
part 3
8101D410 3C6F
8101D412 A3F4
8101D414 BACB
8101D416 BF0C
8101D418 3EFF
8101D41A E3A3
8101D41C 0000
8101D41E 0000
8101D420 37A4
8101D422 22C4
8101D424 3EFF
8101D426 FFAF
8101D428 3ACB
8101D42A C22B
8101D42C 0000
8101D42E 0000
8101D430 BEFF
8101D432 E3F4
8101D434 B7D9
8101D436 68F4
8101D438 3C6F
8101D43A A3EA
8101D43C 0000
8101D43E 0000
8101D440 4257
8101D442 099C
8101D444 3EBD
8101D446 D3AD
8101D448 BFB8
8101D44A 6CBA
8101D44C 3F80
8101D44E 0000
part 4
8101D450 3C7C
8101D452 526A
8101D454 BABC
8101D456 BDA4
8101D458 3EFF
8101D45A E097
8101D45C 0000
8101D45E 0000
8101D460 B8D8
8101D462 668B
8101D464 3EFF
8101D466 FFAF
8101D468 3ACC
8101D46A 4119
8101D46C 0000
8101D46E 0000
8101D470 BEFF
8101D472 E0E8
8101D474 B91E
8101D476 7A74
8101D478 3C7C
8101D47A 50C1
8101D47C 0000
8101D47E 0000
8101D480 429D
8101D482 7F54
8101D484 3EBE
8101D486 7D87
8101D488 C00B
8101D48A 0461
8101D48C 3F80
8101D48E 0000
part 5
810139EC 0000
810139EE 0000
810139FC 0000
810139FE 0000
81013A0C 3F80
Corrupts the music for the most.(if you bring Conker to an area where he needs his gasmask, for example the Poo Mountain, the sounds will be a little fuzzy.) Due to it’s length, it’s safer to use it on emulator. If you wanna try it out on console, then just use 81013CDE 0000 alone(without the fuzzy sounds that i mentioned). It’s split into five parts because of limits.
Stop the music completely V2[NTSC port: C.Guru]
D0042A14 0002
81013BEA 0038
D0042A14 0008
81013BEA 0048
D-pad left=Off. D-pad up=On.
Stop the music for a short while when unpausing game[NTSC port: C.Guru]
D0042A14 0002
81013BFE 008C
D0042A14 0004
81013BFE 0000
D-pad left=On. D-pad down=Off.
Messed Up Music[NTSC port: C.Guru]
81018BA6 FFFE
81012664 2407
81012666 0051
Really Messed Up Music[NTSC port: C.Guru]
81018B56 FFFB
81018BA6 FFFF
8101419E 0009
81018BFA 0073
81018C1E 001D
81012664 2407
81012666 0051
Extremely Messed Up Music[NTSC port: C.Guru]
81018BA6 FFFF
81018B56 FFE2
8101419E 0009
81018BFA 0071
81018C1E 001D
81012664 2407
81012666 0051
For all these music messing codes voices had to be turned off, because without the two bottom lines the game will crash, as the code somehow forces a random voice clip to play, even voices in regions outside of what’s really available in the game. Even though voices has been disabled, the game may still crash, depending on the track, so take caution!
Speaker Balance Modifier(Music)[NTSC port: C.Guru]
81014970 2419
81014972 00XX
00 – On Left Speaker Only
7F – On Right Speaker Only
If set to mono, the code won’t have any effect
If set to surround or Stereo, it will try to correct itself at most(Mostly **** and Plucker)
Fuzzy music[NTSC port: C.Guru]
8101499C 240B
8101499E 00XX
XX Amount to be applied
00 – OFF
01 and higher(up to 3F) – ON
Music modifier[NTSC port: C.Guru]
8100D984 240E
8100D986 00XX
810088C0 2406
810088C2 7FFF
81013DBE 0000
8100C90E 0000
Finally, the music modifier that everyones been waiting for.
Sound Effects Codes:
footsteps sound modifier V1[NTSC port: C.Guru]
81011F60 2404
81011F62 0XXX
81011F80 2405
81011F82 0000
modifies the sfx for the footsteps a character makes.
SFX Modifier V1[NTSC port: C.Guru]
81017470 2425
81017472 0XXX
Modifies the sound effect for all sounds.
Separate sfx modifiers[NTSC port: C.Guru]
8100FB38 2418
810101D0 2405
810102A8 2404
810103FC 2405
8101052C 2404
8101066C 2404
81010674 2404
81011F88 3082
8100FB3A 0XXX
810101D2 0XXX
810102AA 0XXX
810103FE 0XXX
8101052E 0XXX
8101066E 0XXX
81010676 0XXX
81011F8A FFFF
toggle sfx on/off[NTSC port: C.Guru]
D1042A14 0200
81017496 4001
D1042A14 0800
81017496 4000
Toggles sfx on and off. D-pad left=Off. D-pad up=On

Speech Codes:
Voice modifier V1[NTSC port: yourgamerman]
81012664 2407
81012666 0XXX
Voices "Alien-Like" Language Effect Modifier[NTSC port: C.Guru]
810E14B0 ????
Default value i think is 3F80. Seems to be for an feature that was scrapped maybe?
Speech player hack[NTSC port: C.Guru]
81012664 2407
81012666 0XXX
81012970 2404
81012972 7FFF
D2042A14 0008
810CC2D2 0001
D0042A14 0008
810CC2D2 0194
Only works for player 1 though. Press d-pad Up, and release it to make the speech play(stay away from any nearby places where sounds occur, and also try to avoid moving your player character, if possible.)
Voices just bleeps[NTSC port: C.Guru]
8102A240 200C
8102A242 0000
Either requires resetting, or savestate reload.
Dark Scratches and beeps in voices[NTSC port: C.Guru]
8102A6EC 2006
8102A6EE 0000
Either requires resetting, or savestate reload.

Not Fitting Anywhere Else Codes:
All sounds skips over like a broken record[NTSC port: C.Guru]
D0042A14 0002
81019676 6721
D0042A14 0008
81019676 6821
Well, it sounds like it. Why i included button activators is because the game may freeze if it’s left on for too long. D-pad left turns on the effect, D-pad up turns it off.
NES like sounds V.1.1[NTSC port: C.Guru]
8102C9C2 8000
8102C9C6 0800
Excluding voices in cutscenes… Better try it out yourself, words alone can't simply explain all.
Sound And Music Only Consists Of Bleeps and Bloops[NTSC port: C.Guru]
810295B6 0060
810295BA 0480
810295E6 0060
810295EE 0480
either reload a savestate, or reset the game to make the code take effect.