Conker’s Homeland is a website dedicated to the titular character Conker, and the game Conker's Bad Fur Day. Development of the site started in april of 2008, and at first it was just an little hobby project. But over time it grew more and more complex, both in design and content. However, as development went on, I realized that i possibly couldn’t get it online, and were about to give it all up. I later restarted it in 2011, completely reworking the site layout, as well as reorganizing and replacing sections/subpages with new pages, as the others were outdated and not very clever in content. Now it is online as of july 29 2012, and will hopefully remain online for a very long time to come. This website are not going to be the next Conkers Crib, even if some things or elements were inspired/borrowed from it.

The Development of Conker's Homeland, and how it has evolved:
Over the years Conker's Homeland has faced numerous redesigns and removal of things; The most drastic change being related to it's style and layout. Don't mind the swedish-ish blabber text in some of the first few images below, it's pretty old, and aren't even of much matter to the current site in any way. Below is a list over the various versions of the website.

MS Word era: 2008/04/03 20:55:00-2011/08/28 13:12:00


One of the earliest designs. Not much were on the site at the time, only a few fan arts and snippets of audio clips. The text also was red rather than yellow.


Another early design. It looked mostly the same in terms of layout, only the background differred a little. Was ditched because I found it too slow for web browsers (at the time) to handle.


One of the redesigns of CH I made that remained in use until 2010. As always, not much stuff were on the site. The color of the text also changed from red to green.


The very same style, only the palette of the ''text box'' was changed. Some more content were added as well.


Another minor redesign. The page link graphics shifted over to the left instead of being at the bottom of the front page.


Minor redesign once again. The page link graphics were made smaller, and the site logo changed color. It was around this time that the idea for ''The Shitchurch'' page were born.


Even in this pic, the progress of the site was going quite slow. The color of both text boxes changed to green, the site logo was slightly different, and the page links went back down to the bottom again.


This is from after I joined deviantART in 2010/12/11. It was an attempt at redoing the site from scratch, but this design were scrapped in the same day I started it. Note how I started to write in english here(and the switch from all UPPERCASE letters to lowercase letters after the 1st letter of the start of each sentence.), so this marks the beginning of the whole ''people won't understand my native language'' thingie of mine.


The last attempt at redesigning the site from the ground up. Unlike the last one, this was more based on the 7th redesign. The text box were also more simplified while still being transparent, and the text changed to yellow. This also fell apart after realizing that the text still blended in with the background.

Online era(and onwards): 2012/07/29 15:52:21-2014/04/22


This site design, known as Version 2.01, marked the "online" birth of Conker's Homeland. But even before that day came the design of the website had already been for most part decided, and I choose to stick with it. This version looked very simplistic in comparision to the later site versions that eventually would follow. The buttons that represents links to the various pages on the website was also bigger in size.


Even though the version numbering were dropped from here on, I still refer this design as V3. Most of it remained the same, only the buttons got smaller, and a background was added, styled in a way to make it seem the contents were centered.


Probably one of the big site design revamps to come. This was V4 of Conker's Homeland, and with it were a lot of changes brought out, the most notable one being the contents of each page now being surrounded by boxes, with the background being behind everything. The buttons got shifted to the left side, and pages are truly centered regardless of the browser window's size. Also is the last version of the site to use Comic Sans MS for the text.

Appearing on May 1 2014, this redesign marks a partial shift forward into the future. The background from the previous redesign weren't intended to stay on the site, as I was just using it as a placeholder at the time.

In august 2015 I was asked by MissNatzooie to remove the background from the site, as she didn't want to be reminded about anything of her past stuff. After a couple weeks of just having black emptiness where the background once was I decided to make a new background for the website, showing gray silhouettes of Conker.

September 11 also saw the site being converted to use CSS(Cascade Style Sheet), which went into effect on September 30. I always found it to be a hassle and chore having to redo every single page to use some new visual redesign, so having the site use a CSS file seemed like a good change for this year.

Looking back at these versions, the site sure has changed alot. But who knows how this website will look like in the future. Maybe it'll grow to more epic proportions?

Thank you's, and all that:

ConkaNat - Fanart pics, ideas for pages I alone couldn't think of to make the site more appealing and interesting to Conker fans, and the advice she gave me about specific details.

Mario-Evolution - Conker Fanart.

viki12rocks - Conker Fanart.

yoshiyoshi700 - Fanart.