This page covers the ECTS version of Conker, a early build shown at the Electronic Computer Trade Show in 2000. While only a few parts are available in normal playthroughs, hacking has revealed that there's more to it than what can be seen by the naked eye. I will be updating this page as more discoveries are made. For now here's a few of them. Comparisions of some things between final and this prototype will be made also if possible:

But first, some requirements in order to make the game run on Project 64 emulator(Version 1.6 is my recommendation as of now.):
In the ROM Settings tab, make sure the following options are set:

R4300i core: Interpreter(Interpreter makes the game crash less often. It is not 100% crash-free however. It will be slower on PCs with poor performance and specs.)
Self-mod. code method: Protect Memory
RDRAM size: 8 MB(Neccessary for some 2D sprites to appear in Windy, without the additional 4 MB, they won't appear.)
Advanced Block Linking: Off
Save type: Either 16kb EEPROM, or 128kbyte FlashRAM. Either might be just fine.
Counter factor: 1, or 2. It depends.
Larger Compile Buffer: On
Register Caching: On

One of the biggest differences between this build and final are the Off-Duty scene. As seen in the below video, Conker enters the Tediz operating room like the final, but instead of the Tediz chatting about how the scene ended up being censored by the game's creator, they're seen experimenting on a SHC soldier, who is STILL alive! Videos below for comparision:

ECTS Version:


Deleted Pikachu Scene:

The famed Pokémon scene are in this build, albeit unfinished, so the characters don't switch their animations like they are supposed to(likely due to the fact that they weren't ready yet). But it's still nice to see it. Betcha Chris will have fond memories of this again when he happens to see it soon.

Early Title Screen Feature:
Another thing not available by playing the game normally, this is something that never worked in the final likely due to the demos having been removed, but here it's working like it's supposed to. This was to be the games title screen before it was scrapped in favour for the long N Logo cutting intro in the final:

Gameshark code to see it in this version:
Enable Early Title Screen feature
D00D1054 0008
800D0D18 0002

Just press D-up at the main menu in the game, and it'll show up.

Alternatively, you can use this ips file by Subdrag:

To use it, you need to patch it into the ECTS ROM with any tool of your choice that can be gotten from this page:

After the ROM has been patched, start the ECTS beta, and get to the bar. Just select any option, and the Beta Title Screen feature will trigger, easy as pie if you ask me.

Unused Images:

0866-0870 - Villager sprites. While not actually unused, they are considered to be it anyway, due to the Tank multiplayer game being inaccessible through normal means.

0847 - Big Rareware logo

Gameshark code to see the above images with:
Blitzkrieg Image Modifier(animated)
8106BD08 0101
8106BD0A 8000
8106BD0E ????

???? - Image value

Beta/Test levels:
Thanks to Coolboyman, we now know that the empty levels in the final version actually were test levels, with a few of those about to become actual levels before being removed. Images below(Taken by Coolboyman and myself):

Scene 03  Scene 11
Scene 15  Scene 09 
Scene 2A  Scene 16

Videos of one of these test levels:

Gameshark code to access them:
Warp (Coolboyman):
800A679F 00XX

Minor Differences:

Conker's Walking:
Conker's walk animation has his arms moving much more than in the final game. APNG Images below for comparision:

ECTS Version:      Retail:
Conker ECTS     Conker_Walk_Final

The Windmill in Windy:
The roof on the windmill's front door uses a different texture, likely heldover from Twelve Tales. The same difference can be seen on the top of it, but also an smaller, untextured cog not seen in the final which sits beneath the big cog. Images below for comparision:

ECTS Version:
CBFD_Windmill_ECTS  CBFD_Windmill2_ECTS

CBFD_Windmill_Final  CBFD_Windmill2_Final

Removed Crows:
Crows fly around Windy in this version, whereas in the final they're not even there. Could be possible that it was carried over from Twelve Tales and used as a placeholder object during this time.