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May 27 2018 20:36

After I saw that the mention I made about Honker(which has been almost 3 years by now) were removed from the Conker's Bad Fur Day article on the TCRF site, I decided to remove that theory(or "speculation", as it reads on the edit history) from the unused textures page on my site as well. I'm neither surprised or upset over it though, because when I wrote that bit I wasn't even entirely sure if it could be true.

This does leave me scratching my head even more though. I mean, aside from the possibility that the unused expressions could have simply been just a developers joke, then what else would the point about those unused expressions be about? Perhaps we may never know.

Aside from all the above, I still intend on finishing the big update to the site and get it out there at some point. To be honest, I'm getting pretty tired of myself delaying it all the time. Throughout this summer I will try to focus more on the new version of Conker's Homeland. Right now progress is almost halfway through, even if only just below that. Once I have the new site finished, I may even consider rewriting some of the stuff that's been available online since almost years ago.

Like I said countless times earlier, this website is still alive, and it won't be going down anytime soon. Time is one factor for the delays, and I wish I had more time to devote to this site. And to close this update off, I hope you all will be having a nice summer.

February 19 2018 10:33

Removed a picture from the fanart section at the request of someone who shall not be named.

November 19 2017 23:46

Work on the new site is still underway. Just got the new rips of the cutscene speeches from the NTSC version of Conker done, which will be replacing the old ones originally ripped from PAL. Don't get me wrong though; the GEDecompressor tool does a wonderful job in extracting the MP3 speech from the ROM. I just don't trust it when it comes to cutscene speeches that has not only just Conker's speech in them. The game apparantly slows these particular clips down in specific parts to make Conker's lines play at the correct speed. This is the sole reason I choose to rip the speeches manually.

If you didn't know it by now, I started diving into Nintendo 64 Homebrew programming last year, and moving from Game Maker to C is quite a different experience. Since there are almost no tools(besides those illegal ones from Nintendo's official N64 SDK) to aid in making games for the system, in most cases you have to basically reinvent the wheel... which usually involves porting game code or programming libraries to work with N64 programs. It's a lot of work doing all these things by yourself, especially for a C novice like myself. I know basic things like addition and subtraction, passing variables to functions and so on. The more advanced stuff I have big problems learning how they actually operate though.

Besides that, I'm starting to grow sick of seeing this same old version of the site by now... probably because I really want the new site to be up. No matter what though, there is always some stuff left to do. The Gameshark codes page has turned out to be a big pain for me to convert, and that one alone is really slowing me down. I haven't even gotten the PAL section of GS codes done yet(I'm also updating some of those codes, since I've now found out that those particular ones may not work right, or at all).

Who knows though... After I get a decent amount of work done on the new site, I might as well give a special someone early access to it, because I feel I need some suggestions and advice on additional content, pages, or features... or maybe even something as small as errors or something.

One thing I'm already considering looking into is how to make page transitions seamless. I mean, several sites today has smooth transitions between pages, including Crash Mania. Having the browser window appear blank for a slight frame every time new content is being generated isn't a really pleasant sight. I'll be trying to work it out in some way...

August 28 2017 17:49

The new Conker's Homeland is still being worked on. So far the new page for Conker: Getin' Medieval has been done, and atm I'm working on solving a problem with the Conkerpedia page mostly concerning the item lists. If I can't get the locations list properly aligned at the bottom regardless of the number of items in the characters list, then I'll consider switching back to having the characters and locations lists as separate pages again.

I'm also optimizing the size of all the png pictures for the new Conker site to have them take less space. This will also extend to those official artworks and fanarts that happen to be in PNG format. I want things on the new site to be loading as quick as possible, and reducing the size of most PNG pics I think could be of really good benefit.

Also considering on getting rid of another pic in the snapshots section, mostly due to personal concerns from my side (it won't even be returning for the new site redesign in the case it is removed).

I believe this to be all I had on my mind right now. Work on the site redesign is slowly picking up again. Gotta add the rest of the stuff, and also fix up some of the other pages.

August 9 2017 13:43

Still working on the new site. It's been nearly two years since I first talked about the big update to this website by now. I hope to get it all together in my time available.

What more there is to do; get the contents for most pages together, fix things up here and there, perform some testing on some of the site's new features, and more importantly; get a more up-to-date searchbar.

I admit there's still work left to do, but at this point I suppose it might be better to gather some contents for the new pages(Like "Conker: Getting Medieval" and so on). I just can't let this drag on for another 2 years now, and there's alot of new stuff to be made available on the site when I finally get the new version together.

April 14 2017 20:28

I'm not dead, nor is this site. Just been busy with other things.

I know the new version of the site still aren't up. Behind the curtains though I've been working on it off and on. Sure is going slow, but hopefully it'll get to the point where I feel it is complete enough to replace most of the old site.

Seriously though, this site really is the fasion of 2014(or pre-2010, or as far back when web design often used to be less pretty and with barely any CSS magic). I badly want it replaced with the new site, but there's still work to do. I do hope to be able to sit down and do some site work at some point this year.

November 6 2016 20:23

Just to tell that I'm still alive, and that this website is still alive as well.

The site revamp has been going quite slow recently. Most of the pages have already been redone to make use of the new features and design that will be present in the new version of the site. Only a number of things left to fix and clean up (and add the rest of the missing stuff), and it should be about ready to go. Might be a while longer before the new site goes live, but hopefully not for too long though.

And I suppose that's all. I myself can barely wait to get the new CH up, especially since it's been in the works for quite some time now, and Conker's Homeland definitely needs to step itself into the future by now.

Here's hoping to a great new year for the site, and to all of us as well.

July 10 2016 21:40

Removed a picture from the Snapshots page.

Also added a new page about Young Conker, the new game for Microsoft's HoloLens. It was kinda shoehorned into this site though, as it is actually from the new version of this website. But I think it's also better to have the page on this site as well.

While these updates are at least something else considering the somewhat lackluster ones as of late, I don't intend to add in stuffs after stuffs to this site, because it is going to be replaced eventually. And believe me, once it's all done and up, the NEW Conker's Homeland will certainly be a far better experience than this little thing. Just need all the time I can get to make sure all the work I put into it pays off in the end.

June 4 2016 12:35

Hm, where have I been the last few months?? Here n' there I suppose, but that's largely unimportant to waste any talk on. How about some videos showing off some neat sound hacks that I made? Yeah, that would be much better! Some of you may have already seen these on youtube though.. either way, enjoy the below videos!

Regarding the new version of this Conker website, things have been going a bit slow, but I've come to a decision of how often I'll work on it. Each weekend from now on I'll be working on finishing up all the new sections of the new website, add the rest of the stuff, removing some old bogus information and facts, and all that other shité.

When the new site will be available I really don't know. There's still a number of things left to do and finish, and in the unfortunate event that I have to delay it further, then so it'll be. However, I might upload the new site for everyone to have a sneak peek at when I have finished most of it. The Crash Mania webmaster did it with his site despite some things being unfinshed, so that shouldn't stop me from doing the same. In my case though I'd like to have most of the new site done by the time I launch the NEW Conker's Homeland.

Anyway, happy summer vacations to all of you Conker nuts out there. While the all of you are out there having fun I'll be working on the new site, and by the time the new site is ready be prepared to see it in a way you'd never seen it like before!

March 25 2016 23:12

I know updates have been far and few between as of late. Conker's Homeland is still alive, and I'm doing great and all that stuff(well, except my back going bonkers at rare unspecified times, but that's mostly unimportant), but as usual life is being a bit rough on me, and I don't often have the time to take care of this place, at least not as much as I'd like to.

I'm still working on the new Conker's Homeland website. Just taking my time on it to make sure things feels new and fresh once I finish it all up.

Anyway, I hope all you guys are doin' great and all that. And with that, I also hope that you'll find the new site even better than the current one.

February 28 2016 12:21

Starting to replace the pics of the developers in the History of Conker page. Been meaning to do it a few weeks earlier, but certain things in life got in my way unexpectedly.

I hope to be able to update things on this website from now on, and to work on the revamp that will eventually replace the current site.

December 1 2015 11:01

Added a bit of info regarding the cancellation of the episodic adventure addon Conker's Big Reunion to the History of Conker page.

Haven't had time to work on the big revamp of the site due to a pain in my back that occured in early october this year. Thankfully it's gotten alot better now. Still feel some small spurts of pain from time to time, but it's not as big now.

With this backpain suffering out of my way(I hope so anyway), It is now time for me to resume work on the big site update! Awaiting the release of the Anita framework (the framework that Crash Mania uses) atm, but in the meantime I'll be working on the new version of Conker's Homeland(which I hope will be even better than the current website. And the new version will also sport an entirely new logo).

October 13 2015 9:22

I found out last night that Rarefandabase recently has posted a new Rare Revealed video by Rare showing bits of a working copy of Twelve Tales Conker 64 in action, revealing some aspects which previously were concealed from us Conker fans. Check out the video below to see it for yourself!(Note the broken sky texture in the part where Conker is flying with his hangglider.)

October 2 2015 12:02

Modified the pics in the About page to remove any traces of MissNatzooie's old art.

September 27 2015 19:46

Got rid of most of the older site updates in the Updates archive, because I felt that some things that were from the past no longer have any need to linger around on the site.

I know I should have been rewriting most of the text on the website, but I kind of gave up on it, because that's not priority no#1 at the moment.

September 27 2015 13:09

It has been a little over two weeks since I first talked about the CSS rewrite of Conker's Homeland on both this website and my Tumblr. Progress is still ongoing, but I seem to have other things in life taking up my time, so I've been a bit busy on and off.

Well, rather than wait till all pages are done, and to let you guys experience the new CSS version of the site, I'll be uploading the pages that I have redone so far, and as soon as I finish one page I'll be uploading it almost instantly. How about it? Alright, let's go with that!

After I get everything done, I will be working in the background on a complete overhaul of this site. This will likely take some time though, maybe a year or more even, since I'm planning several things and changes, the most important one being responsiveness across various devices, and the least important one being the restructuring of the site as a whole, because things are starting to become messy and unorganized.

September 11 2015 13:02

Just checked out the new design of Crash Mania today, and it really made me realize that my Conker website is in dire need of an upgrade. Well, more like lots of small and big upgrades.

I've been using Kompozer for this website for over 3 years now. Three whopping years! That's one hell of a long time for using a software for creating websites with. But I think it's also starting to become more of a limit; Kompozer itself is fairly old, mangles the code up, and it hasn't been updated for years.

I've been meaning to start remaking the website in MS Expression Web 4 for a time now, but to make the transition I need to rewrite it use CSS(Cascade Style Sheet). The current design of the site will remain mostly the same despite this, but eventually in the future I will need to make this site more responsive to the device it is being browsed with, and that also means having to get my hands on a CMS(Content Management System) of sorts(Anita being a possibility, as it is the framework that Crash Mania is currently being run on). But those last bits will have to wait for now.

I don't see a new redesign coming anytime right now, but maybe it will. It depends... anyway, when I will be redoing the Conker site, I will also toss out most or all of the old text on this site, and some pages will be removed, as I start to find a few of them to be obsolete, or just plain messy.

Don't worry, updates to the site will continue as usual. But I will be working behind the scenes on the new CSS rewrite of the site in the meantime.

September 5 2015 18:52

Made a new background for the website, replacing the background that previously was on all the pages before I removed it.

There may be more to come soon. How soon depends, since my time for C.H is quite small these days. But I will see if I can cram in some new stuff on the site during the month.